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A stunning spice. Cinnamon was regarded as a gift fit for Kings in Ancient Egypt.  Full of powerful medicinal properties, anti oxidants and anti fungal benefits.  A staple for us at Niche HQ. 📸@shop_ilaHappy Monday! Summer is well and truly over in London. Not to worry, we love Autumn, cozy jumpers, crackling fireplaces and HOT TEA! 
#tea #teatime #instatea #tealife #ilovetea #teaaddict #tealover #tealovers #nichetea #autumn #teagram #healthy #drink #hot #mug #teaoftheday #teacup #teastagram #teaholic #tealove #tealife #tealosophyWe absolutely adore coconuts and happily pour coconut oil over everything in our lives, which is why we put coconut in our Green tea. Aside from solving all of your problems, coconuts have a wealth of health benefits. They are loaded with electrolytes that are naturally sterile. These are important for your pH levels and muscle functions.
They have high fiber content. This is good for weight watchers as it will make them feel full and crave less. The fiber is also good for waste elimination.
They have high concentrations of lauric acids, which converts into monolaurin, a compound that’s also found in breast milk which is responsible for strengthening the baby’s immunity.
Coconuts contain high concentrations of phosphorus, manganese, and potassium.  Both tea and coconut are good for people who want to lose weight because they can suppress appetite or the craving for food. Both can speed up metabolism and inhibit the activities of enzymes that are responsible for building fat.We had a scorcher of a bank holiday weekend in London. Suffice to say, we enjoyed plenty of ice tea at Niche HQ! Hands up who wants some? 🙋‍♀️

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