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About Niche

Niche Tea launched in 2016 at the height of the global wellness explosion. Our first collection encompasses a complete body and mind herbal experience, and each tea is blended for targeted health needs. We only use the finest whole leaf tea in our blends, and our teas are sourced from the best tea farms in the world.

Visually inspired by the constant evolution of fashion and art, our ethically sourced packaging is both disruptive and beautiful.

Niche sits in a unique space within the market, and is equally at home in a boutique as it is in a luxury food hall.

Niche Tea is hand blended in the UK.

niche tea

niche tea's Amanda Miles

My story

After a lifetime of clear skin, I developed problematic skin in my early thirties. I was devastated, and could not find anything that I could put on my skin without a reaction.

I began to drink a variety of herbal teas, each with different benefits to the mind and body. Over time, I noticed a difference in my skin, my hair, and my general wellbeing. I began to look deeper into the traditional medicinal uses of the herbs, and bought loose leaf teas, which I used to make my own personal blends for a variety of ailments. My family began to drink my blends, and when I combined the tea with my passion for art and scent, Niche was born.

Our ethos


Every step of the way, our products are ethically sourced and our production is totally transparent, with no hidden ingredients in our tea, and only 100% natural herbs.


Traditional practices blended with modern aesthetics, are at the heart of our brand.


We believe beauty starts from within, and once within, it reflects on the outside. We put as much effort in the beauty of the inside of the product, as well as the outside, meaning that the scent, taste and visual beauty is all equal in their allure.

‘Tea is liquid wisdom’


Our products

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