Beautifully Crafted Sleep: Eileen Willett, Cucumber Clothing

≥ 14.08.19

Cucumber Clothing was launched by North London friends Nancy Zeffman (formerly in advertising with Saatchi & Saatchi) and Eileen Willett (ex-Nicole Farhi).We are friends who met at the school gates almost twenty years ago, and who recognised the need for stylish, sustainable sleepwear and loungewear using cutting edge fabric technology to help maintain even body temperature and keep the wearer cool day and night. Between us, our complementary characters, two dogs, six children and continuing friendship have helped create our vision for Cucumber.'

1. What time do you go to bed and wake up?

I am naturally a bit of a night owl, but my partner is most emphatically not,so I am now (almost) used to waking up at 6.30am most days.Bedtime varies depending on what we are doing, but ideally 10.30 to 11 works well.

2. What is your night time routine?

In a perfect world it would involve a testingly hot bath mixed with some delicious bath oils (at the moment, I’m loving the one by This Works),then a good read in bed for thirty to forty minutes, and then sleep.

3. Describe your perfect night’s sleep

I was about to say eight hours and dreamless,but will change that to eight hours with one of those incredibly happy dreams that leave you smiling as you wake.

4. What helps you get to sleep and what tips do you have for when you can’t get to sleep?

Whether it is running, Bikram yoga, or weights, exercise is part of
my daily routine and I know I need to feel physically tired to sleep well. I also do well with a routine (see question 2) and no rich, late night dinners!

5. Why is sleep so important to you?

At one point my three boys were all under the age of five-the sleep deprivation was intense and lasted years. I have never taken a good night’s sleep for granted since.

6. How does sleep help you be the best version of you?

When I am well rested, my thoughts feel clear, my body feels energetic and even my skin looks at its best. Feeling good and looking good are two sides of the same coin – sleep is an essential factor for me.


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