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Cleanse, tone moisturise, firm, exfoliate and glow. Taking care of the largest organ of your body is important. It is the first thing that people see when they meet you.
However sometimes it can seem like there is a lot of work to do, in order to keep up with a regular skincare routine. What can we do to make this task easier?
The Niche Co was born out of the skincare needs of our founder Amanda, and it remains our number one priority in our personal beauty routine. 

“After a lifetime of clear skin, I developed problematic skin in my early thirties. I was devastated, and could not find anything I could put on my skin without a reaction” Amanda explained “I began to drink a variety of herbal teas, each with different benefits to the mind and body. Over time, I noticed a difference in my skin,my hair,and my general wellbeing.”

So what can be done in addition to drinking our Skin tea in order to help keep the skin in optimum condition? We asked the team at Niche HQ to share their best and easiest skincare secrets;

"Keep your skin as naked as possible – Unless I’m going out for a special occasion. I avoid wearing make up. My skin thrives on Vitamin D, fresh air and natural products. I try to make an effort to really understand the ingredients in my products and limit the number that I use daily – my go to product is African Black soap, a plant based chemical free soap with benefits including improved skin tone.
Look at your skin – I spend a lot of time looking at my skin. At least once a week I like to “inspect” my face, checking the condition of my pores and general elasticity of my skin. This weekly process means I’m in a good position to notice changes and can correct with ease. It's also great for keeping an eye out on those pesky wrinkles."

"There aren’t that many beauty treatments more relaxing for me than a facial. The deep cleanse and attention the detail will always make me feel like I have a new face within the hour. It is imperative not to cut corners when it comes to a spa facial. Some of the techniques involved needs a skin expert to deal with it. I have my sessions pre booked at Cowshed Spa – a real treat to look forward to"

"For me it's three things. Water, sunscreen and retinol. I believe there are no three things more beneficial than hydration, protection, and skin cell renewal. I drink our teas religiously throughout the day, and easily reach my water quota this way. I don't leave the house without sunscreen, even if it's raining outside which it often is in London! I use broad spectrum UVA & UVB protection SPF 50 for my face, and apply retinol at least 3 times a week."

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